CeBIT: innovative gaming gear from newcomer Gamdias

Innovative gaming peripherals from new company



Razer, Roccat, SteelSeries and CM Storm, consider yourself warned. A new gaming brand is releasing an interesting array of peripheral gaming gear. At Cebit, the manufacturer Gamdias showcased its new gaming products, including mice, keyboards and headsets. It's also clear that Gamdias has plenty of ambition, stating it wants to belong to the top 3 in this market segment. The established players probably have something to say about this, but for the consumer more competition is always welcome. The products forming Gamdias' vanguard make a very quality impression, with thought-through and practical features that could distinguish Gamdias from the rest of the market. 

We got a first look at their flagship gaming mouse Zeus (Gamdias likes Greek mythology), the mechanical keyboard Hermes, and the headset called Hephaestus.

Gamdias Zeus

The Zeus gaming mouse appears to have everything to make a gamer happy: 11 programmable buttons, the ability to store 6 profiles in the mouse, an adjustable polling rate from 125 to 1000 Hz, a 'true' 8200 dpi laser sensor, and ergonomic features allowing you to change the weight and the width of the mouse. You do the latter by using the three wheels on the bottom of the mouse.

Gamdias Zeus

This enable you to change the shape of the Zeus to fit your hand better. We've seen this feature before on the Cyborg, but we like how Gamdias implemented the feature. Gamdias has two more mice that are positioned lower than the Zeus, called the Poseidon and the Hades. The Hades has interchangeable parts that let you turn it into a left- or right-handed mouse. The Zeus will reportedly cost 99 euros.


The new gaming keyboard from Gamdias impressed us even more than the Zeus mouse, because it has about every gaming feature imaginable, and it's relatively affordable.

Gamdias Hermes

The Hermes is a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Blue switches and therefore not cheap, but for 129 euros you do get a lot of keyboard. It has many macro keys, and you're able to program every single normal key as well. We like the two sets of three macro keys below the spacebar, and there are two more macro keys by the arrow keys. This was done with lefties in mind, who tend to use the cursor keys instead of "WASD".

Gamdias Hermes
'WASD' keys for left-handed gamers

The Hermes has red backlighting and 512KB of memory for storing profiles. Some keys are tuned for a lighter touch, including the WASD keys. A very nice feature, almost unique for mechanical keyboards, is the wrist support. It also folds over the keyboard and acts as a dust guard, clicking into place with magnets.

Gamdias Hermes
The wrist support also acts as dust guard when they keyboard isn't being used.


The headset boasts a feature that's actually patented by Gamdias. It has vibration feedback that is linked to the bass frequencies, which is supposed to create a superior experience compared to normal, basic vibration feedback. It's also directional, if an explosion occurs to the right of the player onscreen, you will feel more of it in your right ear. We got a brief hands-on with the headphones, and while it wasn't enough to judge the sound quality, we definitely noticed the vibration and how it changed positions depending on the source. Gamdias is planning on implementing this feature in both stereo and surround headsets.

Gamdias Hephaestus
A headset with built-in heatsink and bass-controlled vibration feedback: a.k.a. the Hephaestus.

The Hephaestus headset also features an integrated heatsink, which unfortunately wasn't part of the prototype that we got to try on. The Gamdias rep explained that the heatsink helps preventing that inevitable yet uncomfortable characteristic of over-ear headsets, and that's how warm your ears get after a certain time. We are planning on testing this headset once it's available. Gamdias expects its gaming products to become available in June of this year.

Gamdias ZeusThe Gamdias Zeus

Gamdias Zeus
The weights in the Gamdias Zeus

Gamdias Zeus
Lots of attention to detail with Gamdias products

Gamdias Hermes
Mechanical keyboards rarely feature a wrist support, but Gamdias includes one with its Hermes keyboard. 

Gamdias Hermes
The WASD keys have a lighter keystroke than the rest of the keys.

Gamdias Hermes
Macro keys at the bottom can be reach with your thumb.

Gamdias Hermes

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