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The Sonos multi-room audio system had been limited to audio until now. You could play music from your NAS, computer, radio and online streaming services. The user-friendly nature and the good sound quality have made Sonos a popular brand, and with the introduction of the Playbar Sonos is now entering the home cinema market.

The Sonos Playbar is a soundbar like the name suggests, intended for sitting in front of your TV. It measures about 90 cm, so will go perfect with televisions of 40 inches and larger. It contains nine drivers.

Sonos Playbar
The Sonos Playbar is about 90 cm long, and will therefore fit the best with TVs 40 inches and larger.

The Playbar has a nice and minimalistic design that won't detract from most living room decors. It only has two buttons, one for muting it and one for adjusting the volume. Sonos kept the connectors to a bare minimum as well, and they include two RJ45 connectors for an ethernet cable, an optical input and of course the plug for the power supply.

Sonos Playbar
The Playbar doesn't have many connectors.

The Playbar doesn't come with a remote or big manuals, all you get in the box is a little pamphlet, a cable for the power supply, and a thin optical audio cable. You operate the Sonos speaker system with software on your smartphone or Windows or Mac PC. One of your Sonos devices needs to be connected via ethernet cable to your home network, the rest will connect wirelessly. If that's a challenge in your home, you can get the Sonos Bridge which can act as start or support point for your Sonos setup.

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