Nikon D7100 hands-on preview

The successor to the Nikon D7000


New lay-out

The video record button has been moved to the shutter release button, and the lay-out of the buttons has been changed as well. There's an extra i-button that makes it easy to adjust live-view settings and offers extra retouch options for photos. You can apply real-time special effects in live-view as well.

The switch for setting the autofocus points is located around the d-pad. Below the is the live-view button, which also let's you switch between photo and video. The button for switching between manual and aperture modes is now locked, so it doesn't move by accident like can happen with the D7000.

The body of the Nikon D7100 is still made out of magnesium and its 675 grams is somewhat lighter than the 690 gram D7000. It's also dust and splash resistant. The design is somewhat more rounded than that of the D7000, and is therefore more in line with recent Nikon cameras like the D5200. Nikon introduced a new MB-D15 battery grip, as the existing one does not fit on the new D7100. The new grip will not fit on the D7000 either. The new camera does run on the same EN-EL15 battery the D7000 also has.

Available accessories for the Nikon D7100 include:

  • GP-1 GPS receiver
  • Eye-Fi SD cards
  • WU-1A Wireless mobile adapter
  • UT-1 communication unit
  • WR-1 wireless remote (new)
  • WR-10 Wireless remote controller

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