LG IPS237L-BN review: entry-level IPS7 series monitor

The smaller version is still an excellent monitor



A few months back we reviewed the LG IPS277L-BN, a 27-inch Full HD display of the highest quality. That was in part due to the factory calibration of the latest generation IPS panel from LG Display. LG recently sent over the smaller version in this 7 series, the IPS237L-BN. Not everyone has space for a 27-inch monitor or likes having a Full HD resolution on such a large display, so it makes sense to find out whether the more compact model is of equally high quality. It turns out that's not quite the case, but that doesn't mean that this isn't a very good monitor.

As the product name indicates, the LG IPS237L-BN also has an IPS panel. It means that the colour fidelity can potentially be very good, better than that of TN panels that you find in most monitors. The dominance of TN monitors will likely not last forever, as IPS screens are becoming more affordable and more widely available. The main reason to still opt for a TN monitor is that the response time is very fast, still unparallelled by IPS and other display technologies. Progress in that department is being made, however, with features such as overdrive.

We have reached the point, however, that you really only need a TN display if you consider yourself a true FPS 'twitch gamer'. When you put IPS and TN monitors next to each other, you're likely to choose the former. There's now more choice than ever when it comes to IPS displays.

LG has helped this trend quite a bit, as subsidiary LG Display is working hard to make IPS the standard for quality monitors. Samsung provides some healthy competition in the shape of S-PVA and PLS panels, and AU Optronics has A-MVA panels. Only a couple years ago TN were the only affordable screens, that has now changed.

In this review we are comparing the LG IPS237L-BN to 13 other other previously tested computer monitors in the the same price segment. They all have either IPS or VA panels and are either 23-inch or 24-inch screens. As you will see on the following pages, the IPS237L has a quite a bit of competition, but it holds its own quite well.


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