LG 84LM960V / LG 84LM9600 UHD TV review

Four Full HD screens in one TV



At last year's IFA event in Berlin we saw the first finished 4K televisions, and Sony, Toshiba and LG all showcased their own 84-inch models. By now they are beginning to arrive in stores, so Hardware.Info tested the LG 84LM960V, the cheapest out the 84-inch UHD televisions. The recommended price varies greatly depending on where you live. In the UK it costs £22,499, on mainland Europe its costs around 15,000 euro, and in the US $19,999. For the US market the TV has a slightly different name also, it's called the LG 84LM9600.

Customised test

Due to the large dimensions of the 84LM960V we were unable to submit it to our standard test procedure, and we had to test the TV on location at the LG offices. We used our own equipment and LG personnel did not interfere or help at any point. Three aspects we did not test: the media player and Smart TV features and the built-in TV tuner.

LG 84LM960V

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LG 84LM960V

84 inch, Ultra HD, 3840x2160, LCD, Edge LED, 800 Hz, Flat, DVB-C (Cable) tuner, DVB-S (Satellite) tuner, DVB-T (Terrestrial) tuner, CI-slot, Built-in internet functionality

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