CES Nvidia special: Tegra 4, Shield handheld console and Grid

Nvidia Grid, Shield, Tegra 4 and more


Nvidia Grid

Cloud computing is becoming increasingly important. It started in the 1990s with services such as Hotmail, and more recently things like Facebook, Google Maps, and entertainment services like Kindle e-books and NetFlix movies. As hardware becomes more powerful and more affordable, you can find all kinds of music, films and books online.

With Nvidia Grid the company wants to make it possible to stream games in high quality from a cloud. Not just those fairly simple casual games, but real AAA games. Since streaming does not put huge requirements on the part of the recipient, it can be possible to play games on a tablet or even a Smart TV. At the CES fair Nvidia demonstrated a game being played on an LG Smart TV. All that's needed is a client app compatible with that TV. 

To enable this type of cloud gaming, Nvidia has developed a special server. Nvidia Grid enables 24 gamers to be active per server. The server has been developed from the ground up, since conventional servers are made with powerful CPUS in mind, but not powerful GPUs. An Nvidia Grid server contains 12 GPUs which can provide computational power of about 16.66 TFlops.

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