Promise Pegasus J4: 4-bay, 2.5-inch Thunderbolt storage

Four disks in a compact case



Promise is one of the manufacturers that is really focusing on Thunderbolt products. Thunderbolt is a combination of PCI-Express and DisplayPort which you will find on all recent Apple computers, and also a growing number of PCs. The number of compatible peripheral devices is still very low, however, but we recently tested the impressive Promise Pegasus J2 and now it's time for the Pegasus J4.

Promise Pegasus J4 (4x500 GB)

The Pegasus J2 is a very interesting product. It's as small as a normal portable external hard drive, contains two mSATA SSDs and is equipped with Thunderbolt. The end result was an extremely fast portable storage device.

Promise Pegasus J4 (4x500 GB)

No wonder then that we were eager to get our hands on the J4. The square case is about the size of a Mac mini, with on the back the power connector and two Thunderbolt ports. It allows daisy-chaining devices, which means that you can connect the J4 to your computer, and in turn connect other Thunderbolt devices or a screen via mini DisplayPort to the J4.

Promise Pegasus J4 (4x500 GB)

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Wednesday 11/01/2017 - 12:59 AM
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