Samsung EX2F review: versatile like a Swiss army knife

Manual settings, light-sensitive, WiFi, what more do you want?



While full-sized DSLRs are great with all their options, sometimes it's preferable to carry something more compact with you. If you want the same type of options in a more portable size, there are increasing number choices in the high-end segment of compact cameras. Samsung's EX2F is a recent to this category, and comes with lots of features.

Samsung EX2F Black

The asking price for the Samsung EX2F is around £380, which is quite a bit for a compact camera. It puts the EX2F in the same league as the Panasonic DMC-LX7, the Canon PowerShot S100, the Canon PowerShot G12 and the Fujifilm FinePix X10.

The EX2F features a light-sensitive sensor, a high-quality display, an external flash shoe, manual settings (A/S/M) and quality materials.  The 1/1.7" sensor is larger than the typical 1/2.33" you find in most compact cameras, and is comparable to the one Panasonic used in the LX7. The resolution of  4000x3000 pixels (12 megapixels) is modest by today's standards, but is arguably an advantage because you get less noise with high ISO values.

The lens has a maximum aperture of F/1.4 in wide-angle mode, which is rare for a compact camera. We've seen a number of models with F/1.8, but together with the Panasonic LX7 Samsung is the first to feature such a high aperture. Samsung also built in an ND filter that prevents over-exposure when there is a lot of light and an open diaphragm.

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Samsung EX2F Black

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