HyperDrive iUSBport review: mobile USB port

A USB connector for every smartphone and tablet



It's generally not possible to access data that's on a USB drive or external hard drive from your computer. Enter the HyperDrive iUSBport. We took it through its paces.

A full-sized USB port on a smartphone simply isn't possible due to the dimensions of such a device. There have been and still are tablets that do have such a port, but they're few and far between. Acer had a couple of devices that had that last year, but they joined the rest of the better known manufacturers in omitting them from this year's models. For tablets, this is obviously partly due to the desire to create devices that become thinner and thinner, especially when it comes to the edges. A tablet with straight sides can accommodate a USB-port, but edges of tablets usually aren't straight at all. As a result, USB ports are rare on tablets as well.

You may want to access files stored on a USB drive or external hard drive. If you don't want to upload everything to the cloud first, a solution such as the HyperDrive iUSBport may prove to be the solution. This nifty device, which until recently was known as the HyperDrive CloudFTP (which is also apparent from the photos we made of it), is extremely easy to use. The little box only has a small display, a power switch, a connector for a power adapter and of course a USB port. You don't have to be near a socket all the time though, as the iUSBport contains a battery pack as well.

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Wednesday 11/01/2017 - 12:59 AM
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