DJI set to release Inspire 1 drone with folding double T-frame - update


Yesterday, DJI released a new teaser video for their upcoming ‘Inspire 1’ drone, showing glimpses of an all new curved body with a camera mounted below. Even though the manufacturer of the popular Phantom quadcopters (interview) is eager to release as little actual information as possible, quite a few details about the much anticipated quadcopter have leaked over the past few days.

DJI has filed FCC certification for the product which is also referred to as 'T600', which might refer to a double T-shape and a 600 mm distance between the rotors. DJI has also previously filed a patent for a ‘transformable aerial vehicle’ which shows a diagram of a quadcopter with T-frame legs on both sides of the main body, as shown in the drawing below. These legs appear to retract upwards when the drone is in the air, giving a camera mounted under the body an unobstructed view without either the landing gear or the rotors in sight. recently captured photos of what appears to be a test flight of the new DJI Inspire 1. The photos show a quadcopter with a body which is consistent with shots from DJI’s latest official teaser video. The photos from show the new drone both on the ground and in the air, in both cases with the landing gear / rotors in the downward position.

DJI's official teaser video an screenshots:

Edit 12 november

Ahead of the official launch tonight, a video has been leaked which shows the Inspire 1 in all its glory. Here are some screenshots:




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