Exclusive: Crucial next-gen MX100-SSDs: 16nm, June 2014 release


Crucial is working on a next generation of SSDs, named MX100. That much has become clear from a photo that Hardware.Info obtained exclusively. This shows a 2.5" SSD, displaying the words  'by Micron' in small typeface below the Crucial logo. The older, M550 series' labels show no trace of the semiconductor gigant, which is of course the company behind Crucial. 

While the name Crucial MX100 might imply this will be a high-end model, in fact we heard from reliable sources that this will be a competitively priced product, based on brand-new 16nm chips. This will be the successor to the M500, with the M550 remaining the faster product. Introduction will be in early June, with performance expected to be somewhere between the M500 and M550. Stay tuned...


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