CeBIT: New products from Synology


Synology introduced several new products at CeBIT today. Among them were the DS214play and the DS414play, both aimed at multimedia use. The only difference between the two devices is that the DS214play houses a maximum of 2 disks, while you can install double that number of disks in the DS414play.

The DS414j is a budget-friendly NAS device for home use and small offices. This device has a dual-core processor (not further specified) and USB 3.0. Moving on, the compact DS414slim focuses on energy-efficiency and noise production (more specifically, a lack thereof). This is basically a refresh of the DS411slim, but with two gigabit ethernet ports instead of one. 

De DS214air comes with 802.11ac WiFi. A USB WiFi dongle will be included, and the DS214air also supports 4G LTE. Further, the device has three gigabit ethernet ports. Internally, it has a dual-core processor, equipped with a so-called 'packet forwarding engine', which should increase performance.

Finally, the EDS14 targets business users, and has been specifically designed for surveillance cameras.

DS214play en DS414play





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