CES: DisplayLink shows 4K over USB 3.0

By , source: Displaylink

It might not be the best solution for gamers, but having a monitor attached through USB is quite a practical solution for most purposes. After all, virtually every computer has a USB-interface, while video inputs vary greatly. At the San Francisco CES, DisplayLink showed its new DL-5500 series USB-chip. This is a product that will be implemented into various docks and adaptors by several manufacturers in the next months.

4K over USB 3.0

The advantage of the new DL5500 UHD-adaptor is that your computer doesn't require a special connector to utilize the full potential of a 4K-monitor; a USB 3.0 port and a modern processor are sufficient. The latter is important since the technique requires quite a bit of CPU-power.

DisplayLink's adaptor with the new DL-5500 UHD on board

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