CES: SilverStone and ASUS finalize external Thunderbolt GPU-enclosure


SilverStone and ASUS have collaborated to design an external GPU chassis. The product, known as XG Station 2, allows for the attachment of an external graphics card to a notebook through a Thunderbolt-interface. The case has room for a single (dual-slot) PCI-Express x16 graphics card. Pre-installed are an SFX power supply and a Thunderbolt controller, leaving just the GPU to be installed by the user. With the hardware finalized, ASUS is currently optimizing the drivers and firmware.

The XG Station will have a recommended price of roughly €200, largely formed by the price of the chassis, power supply and Thunderbolt chip PCB. Whether the product will actually be available still remains to be seen as Intel hasn't yet granted permission for this Thunderbolt device.

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