AMD Mantle for Battlefield 4 pushed back to January

By , source: Xbit labs

Late September, AMD and EA announced that the low/level API named 'Mantle' would be added to Battlefield 4 in an update. Following the launch of the game, numerous bugs were reported and no information on Mantle has been released this month. AMD's Mantle should offer a significant performance boost for all graphics cards based on the Graphics Core Next architecture, which includes the HD7000-series and the new R7/R9 cards.

Yesterday, DICE and AMD revealed that the update will be released shortly. The two developers state that Mantle for Battlefield 4 (and the underlying Frostbite 3 engine) is currently slated for January of 2014. Although no reason was provided for the delay, it undoubtedly has to do with the bugs and glitches that were affecting the game. AMD will release more details on the patch in the new year.

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