MSI launches R9 290 and R9 290X Gaming 4G

By , source: MSI

Last week, MSI introduced the Radeon R9 290 and R9 290X with Twin Frozr-cooler. Before these cards will make an official debut however, the manufacturer will first launch the R9 290 Gaming 4G and  R9 290X Gaming 4G. Both of these models use the Twin Frozr IV Advanced cooler, which should allow for lower temperatures at lesser sound production. The cooler consists of a copper base from which copper heatpipes transport heat to the aluminium cooling fins.

MSI has released a so-called 'Gaming app', which allows users to switch between different presets easily. The R9 290 Gaming 4G has a so-called OC mode, Gaming mode and Silent mode, which correspond to core clock frequencies of 1007 MHz, 977 MHz and 947 MHz. The 4 GB of GDDR5 memory operates at an effective 5000 MHz and is linked through a 512-bits interface. Video outputs consist of dual-link DVID, HDMI 1.4a and DisplayPort. The graphics card has dimensions of 276 x 127 x 39 mm and weighs 1010 grams.

The R9 290X Gaming 4G offers the same modes, but with clock frequencies of 1040 MHz (OC), 1030 MHz (Gaming) and 1000 MHz (Silent). The specifications and the memory capacity are identical to that of its little brother.

MSI has yet to reveal recommended prices.


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