Rumour: Windows Phone 9 without Metro UI?

By , source: Twitter

Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin claims Windows 9 will not feature a Metro-interface. The blogger has been a reliable source in the past and earlier reported on Windows Phone 9 in 2015. The latest rumours however, claim that the mobile operating system will make its debut in the second half of 2014, rather than the predicted 2015.

Windows Phone 9 won't have standard tiles, the characteristic look of the current Metro-interface. Instead, the interface will be made optional. It's also claimed that Microsoft will have fused Windows RT with Windows Phone to create a single operating system for ARM-processors.

Windows Windows 9, the desktop operating system, Microsoft is currently discussing whether its Metro-interface will make a return. More interesting perhaps is that Microsoft won't charge extra to license holders of Windows Phone and Windows RT, which should make mobile devices running Windows more interesting.

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