Intel 'Bay Trail' Atom compared to Snapdragon 800 and Tegra 4

By , source: Engadget, AndroidCommunity

Exactly a month ago, we first got our hands on Intel's new 'Bay Trail'  Atom processors. These chips are based on the x86-architecture and have an important advantage over their competition: they're compatible with a full-fledged version of Microsoft's Windows operating system. Nevertheless, the Z3000-series also targets tablets, where the chips will have to comepte with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 800 and Nvidia's Tegra 4, among others.

Engadget has now had the opportunity to run some benchmarks on three reference tablets, equipped with respectively an Intel 'Bay Trail', Nvidia Tegra 4 and Snapdragon 800 chip. It turns out that performance-wise, Intel's latest creation matches the fastest ARM-chip available at this time: the Snapdragon 800. The graphics chip of the 2.39 GHz quad-core Intel Atom Z3770 is clocked at 311 MHz, but is outperformed by both the Adreno 330, found in the Qualcomm SoC, and the video chip of Nvidia's Tegra 4.

The benchmarks do show that Intel is ready to compete in the ARM-market. If the power consumption is comparable as well, this could mark the breakthrough of x86-architecture on mobile devices.

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