Mini-ITX motherboards with AMD Kabini SoC

By , source: Heise, ComputerBase [1], ComputerBase [2]

At Computex, it became quite clear that motherboard manufacturers are focusing more on the Mini-ITX form factor than ever before. They also seem quite interested in a System on a Chip (SoC) solution, using AMD's Kabini APU. These A- and E-series of processors are suited for use in a compact desktop, notebook or tablet and are characterized by a low power consumption, relatively high performance and a DirectX 11.1-supporting video chip.

ASUS is one of the manufacturers to have developed a Mini-ITX board based on the platform. This XS-A features AMD's A4-5000 Kabini APU. The board has HDMI and DisplayPort video outputs. Storage comes from either a regular SATA hard drive or SSD, or a compact mSATA SSD. Memory can be installed in SO-DIMM slots.

With the KBN-I, ECS has also created such a board. This manufacturer has opted for the Kabini A6-5200 APU and the board supports conventional DDR3 memory. The KBN-I also has a single PCI-Express x16 slot.

MSI showed the E1-2500I-E33 at its Computex stand. This motherboard feautures the E1-2500 APU, has two DDR3 memory slots and a PCI-Express x16 slot. An extra onboard 6-pin PEG-connector is present to provide graphics cards with additional power. USB 3.0 and Serial ATA 6 Gbit/s connectors are also featured on the motherboard.

Sapphire has created two compact boards, the IPC-FT3GS and IPC-FT3W, developed for respectively the consumer and business market. There's barely any difference between the two. Sapphire has opted for AMD's A6-5200 processor.

ASRock also introduced a motherboard based on the Kabini APU; its KA5200-ITX features the A6-5200 chip.

ModelGPUTDPCPU coresCPU frequencyL2 cacheRadeon CoresGPU frequencyMax. DDR3 speed
A6-5200 HD 8400 25W 4 2 GHz 2 MB 128 600 MHz DDR3L-1600
A4-5000 HD 8330 15W 4 1,5 GHz 2 MB 128 500 MHz DDR3L-1600
E2-3000 HD 8280 15W 2 1,65 GHz 1 MB 128 450 MHz DDR3L-1600
E1-2500 HD 8240 15W 2 1,4 GHz 1 MB 128 400 MHz DDR3L-1333
E1-2100 HD 8210 9W 2 1 GHz 1 MB 128 300 MHz DDR3L-1333



MSI E1-2500I-E33

Sapphire IPC-FT3GS

Sapphire IPC-FT3W

ASRock KA5200-ITX

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