Intel Core i7 4770K Haswell appears in Dutch webshops


If we're to believe the latest rumors, Intel's next generation processors (codenamed Haswell) will be released in June. Two Dutch webshops,  MaxICT and TakeItNow, already put the tray version of the flagship Core i7 4770K in their webshop, as you can see here in the Hardware.Info Price Comparer.

The two shops sell the 4770K processor, obviously not yet in stock, for € 330 and € 350, respectively. It's assumed that, when the Core i7 4770K is officially launched, it will cost about the same as its predecessor, the Core i7 3770K. Considering the 3770K costs around € 316 in Holland, the webshops have either raised the price since it's so early, or Intel is planning on making the new processors a bit more expensive after all.  

The Core i7 4770K requires the Socket 1150 processor socket. The product pages in the webshops confirm that the Core i7 4770K will run at a standard clockspeed of 3.5 GHz.

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