Aqua Computer also unveils GeForce GTX Titan watercooling

By , source: Aqua Computer

Following EK, German watercooling specialist Aqua Computer has also developed a full-cover water block for Nvidia's new high-end GeForce GTX Titan card. The new cooler is dubbed Kryographics and is largely based on the manufacturer's Aquagrafx models. To improve the flow, the in- and outlets have been enlarged.

While these modifications aren't visible at first glance, a comparison with an Aquagrafx block for the GeForce GTX 680 shows that the new Kryographics clearly has larger flow channels. Aqua Computer has used 0.25 mm thick pins, a brushed metal cover and a black Delrin connection block. Later this month, a model with plexi cover will be released, in addition to various nickled variants.

Aqua Computer claims that its Kryographics GTX Titan is produced in an extremely precise manner. As such, only a very thing layer of thermal paste would be required to cool the memory chips as well. Other manufacturers often opt for heat conduction pads to even out inefficiencies and height differences, which could negatively affect the thermal conductivity.

The copper Kryographics GTX TItan can be purchased directly from Aqua Computer at a price of €89.90 $117.

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