Extend your battery life with Arctic's Power Bank 4000

By , source: Arctic

Those of you who intensively use their smartphone will have undoubtedly dealt with empty batteries before. To prevent this while you're out in the open, Arctic has developed the Power Bank 4000. This mobile battery comes in an aluminium enclosure and offers a 4000 mAh capacity: sufficient to add several hours of use to your mobile device. With an output power of up to 10 watts, the Power Bank 4000 is compatible with virtually all modern high-end smartphones and tablets.The Power Bank 4000 has dimensions of 117 x 54 x 11 mm and is roughly the size of an iPhone 5, albeit slightly thicker. Arctic notes that the device fits into your pockets easily. The battery's capacity should allow Apple's iPhone 5 or Samsung's Galaxy S III to last up to 14 more hours speaking time, 20 hours of browsing the internet, or 70 hours of music playback. Through its USB-connector, the Power Bank 4000 can also be used to charge wireless speakers and Bluetooth headsets.

The battery of is the lithium polymer type, which has a life expectancy of about a thousand charge cycles. It takes approximately six hours to fully charge the Power Bank, which has a status LED to reflect its capacity. Arctic's Power Bank 4000 comes with two years of warranty, a Mini-USB and Micro-USB cable and a carrying pouch. It is available in black and silver at a price of about $50.

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