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Hardware.Info was founded in 1999 and has since independently informed consumers in the Netherlands and Belgium about computer hardware and consumer electronics. Hardware.Info has an authoritative and renowned test lab that yearly tests more than 1,500 products in a highly professional and controlled environment. Additionally, Hardware.Info conducts testing and provides articles for a number of third-party publications. In the testing facility the editors of Hardware.Info have access to professional testing equipment allowing them to evaluate products in a controlled and consistent manner. Based on these test results we publish comprehensive comparison tests, but also in-depth single product reviews. Objectivity and editorial independence are essential for Hardware.Info. For this reason, there is a clear separation between the commercial aspects of the site and the editorial part. In 2016 Hardware.Info was acquired by international publisher De Persgroep.

Price Comparison Engine

In addition to editorial content, Hardware.Info offers an extensive price comparison engine featuring over 300,000 products in over 100 product categories. Uniquely, our price comparison engine offers shops the opportunity to participate free of charge, regardless of the number of products linked.


Registering an account on Hardware.Info unlocks a host of extra options. Among these are user reviews for products and online shops, keeping track of desired products in wish lists and showing off your system and benchmark results to fellow visitors.


The Hardware.Info website has been entirely developed in house. We continue to regularly add improvements and new features.

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In case you have any questions regarding this notice, you can reach us by email through info@hardware.info.

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