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Read 79 monitor reviews. The Hardware.Info editors recently tested the Eizo EV2456-BK and the Eizo EV2456-WT. Are you still not sure which monitor fits you best, even after reading a review? Compare the specifications of 8,282 monitors, and buy one at one of 5 webshops.

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Eizo EV2456 review: classic format with a new look

June 30, 2017 - 11:59 PM

It's really hard to recommend a 16:10 Full HD monitor to your average consumer, however demand for said monitors is very high in the business world. Eizo's EV2456 is extremely good, according to our test results.

ASUS RoG Swift PG258Q review: superlative gaming monitor thanks to 240Hz with G-sync

June 21, 2017 - 11:59 PM

If you don't want to miss a second or frame of your FPS game, you should definitely be using a 240Hz monitor. This model from Asus is definitely a looker, however its test results also impress a lot.

Iiyama G-Master Silver Crow GB2783QSU-B1 review: gaming with a silver crow

June 18, 2017 - 11:59 PM

More than a year ago we were enthusiastic about the Iiyama B2783QSU monitor. Now, Iiyama launches a version explicitly target towards gamers: the GB2783QSU-B1. How does it perform?

AOC U3277PWQU & Philips 328P6VJEB review: the bar is rising

June 9, 2017 - 11:59 PM

Ultra hd-monitors with a large size were rather expensive up until this point. These two monitors from AOC and Philips do not only have a considerably lower price, they also perform remarkably well. We are excited!

Benq Zowie XL2735 en XL2540 review: gaming monsters

April 24, 2017 - 11:59 PM

A few months ago, Benq introduced two state-of-the-art gaming monitors: the XL2735 and the XL2540. Very different devices, each with their own demanding target audience. We tested both of them

19 24-inch full hd monitors review: affordable view

January 26, 2017 - 11:59 PM

There is a lot to choose from in the monitor market, provided that you are willing to spend enough money. Not everyone is willing to do that, but even with a lower budget your eyes deserve a good view. We tested 19 affordable monitors in order to fin...

Samsung C24FG70 review: Samsung's gaming monitor comeback

January 11, 2017 - 11:59 PM

After a long time, Samsung returns with a gaming monitor. We tested the C24FG70FQU

LG 38UC99 review: 4K UltraWide

December 27, 2016 - 11:59 PM

If 3440x1440 pixels is not enough for you, LG has something special: the 38UC99 has no less than 3840x1600 pixels, at a diagonal of 38 inch!

22 Ultra HD monitoren review: time for a new monitor

December 8, 2016 - 11:59 PM

The supply increases, the prices drop. If you are looking to buy a new monitor, you should definitely consider ultra hd. We tested 22 models.

Dell UltraSharp UP2516D review: better than the U2515H?

November 6, 2016 - 11:59 PM

The Dell UltraSharp U2515H is very popular. However, the UP2516D offers even more at a slightly higher price. Time for a test!

1 to 10 from 79 results

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Philips 272P4QPJKEB 6 sterren

Review by aidin594 on September 6, 2013

Contrast and brightness The contrast and brightness is looks like my macbook pro retina 2012. Color reproduction The Color reproduction is good enough for my every day use. I use this monitor for photoshop to editing my photos. I am not a professional photographer and...

Samsung SyncMaster S19B150 10 sterren

Review by anupam de on April 13, 2013

ok. i recommend to my friends, but i could be better if u add hdmi, web cam and tv kit regarding its contrast & brightness- fine. high contrast for home view may affect eyes. ok. i recommend to my friends, but i could be better if u add hdmi, web cam and tv kit re...

2 results
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