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Eminent WiFi Travel Reader and WiFi Travel Router review

Portable routers for on the road



If you tend to travel a lot it can be handy to bring along a router, if just for the fact that you only need to pay for one internet connection. We tested two products from Eminent, the WiFi Travel Reader (EM4610) and the WiFi Travel Router (EM4600). There's aren't just your basic travel routers, because they offer extra features that could turn out to be quite useful on the road.

The Eminent WiFi Travel Reader and Travel Router are first and foremost travel routers of course, that allow you to create your own network. You need an ethernet cable to provide internet access, or you can use another wireless network as source. You only need one internet connection, but once you're established your own network you can hook up your laptop, smartphone, tablet and any other device that can surf the world wide web. Some hotels charge an arm and a leg for internet, so it can save you money.

Eminent WiFi Travel Reader
Eminent WiFi Travel Reader (EM4610)

Both Eminent devices have pretty extensive firmware, it almost looks like a fully-fledged router interface. There are even rudimentary QoS options. The only other thing they have in common is that they're both white. This likely has to do with the intended target audience of Apple consumers.

Eminent WiFi Travel Router
Eminent WiFi Travel Router (EM4600)

On the next page we'll describe both routers in more detail, then we'll look at the performance. The Travel Reader costs an average of 60 euros, and the Travel Router costs an average of 45 euros.


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Eminent WiFi Travel Reader
Eminent WiFi Travel Router
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