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You can compare specifications of 1,562 switches on Hardware.Info. Need help making the right choice? Hardware.Info has tested 83 switches, 40 of which in the past 18 months. Our extensive switch reviews including comparison tests you will find on the reviews tab. An overview of our recommendations can be found on the recommendations tab. Want to buy a switch? The Hardware.Info Price Comparison engine indexes prices and stock of 7 web shops, 18 times a day. That way you always find the best deal for you.

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12 switch group test: 8 ports, PoE, LACP

September 15, 2013 - 12:58 AM
These days everything but the toaster has a network connection, so you'll quickly fill up the four ports on your router. A switch can be the perfect solution, adding eight, 16 or even more ports, along with other useful features such as PoE and LACP. We tested 12 of them.

Netgear ProSafe XS708E review: 10 Gbit switch

July 22, 2013 - 09:58 AM
Having a gigabit network connection at home makes it possible to transfer your files very fast, for example to and from a NAS device. While WiFi is of course much more in the news in recent years, the developments surrounding wired connections hasn't been standing still. You can buy switches that offer a full-duplex bandwidth that's 10 times faster than gigabit. While...

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