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Are you a manufacturer of supplier of a product that won a Hardware.Info Gold, Silver or Bronze award? In that case you are entitled to use the respective logo on your website, in brochures and on packaging, if you so wish. Below you will find the Hardware.Info Award logos in addition to the standard Hardware.Info logo in a variety of formats. Before you use one of these logos, we would like you to acknowledge the guidelines for using these.

Guidelines for use of Hardware.Info (Award) logos

1. Use of the Hardware.Info Awards logos is only allowed for manufacturers and suppliers of products which won an award in one of Hardware.Info's publications. The award logos can only be used in relation to the products which were awarded the respective award. Any other use of the Hardware.Info Award logos is explicitly prohibited.
2. The logo can be placed on any background, provided there is sufficient contrast between the logo and the background.
3. The logo has to be positioned free from graphical elements which might distract from the logo, such as text, logos, images or distractive background patterns.
4. The minimal space around the logo should be the height of the H in the Hardware.Info text part of the logo.
5. The generic Hardware.Info logo can only be used after explicit consent by Hardware Info B.V. Contact for more information.

The Hardware.Info logo has been registered with the Benelux Trademark Bureau.

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